Are you ready to leave the paper behind? As more and more businesses work online and meetings often happen remotely, it might be a good time to reconsider the certification process in your organization and drive towards digital transformation. There are several benefits that come with digital certifications such as cost, production time and environmental aspects, but digital certifications are also easier to share online as well as carry with you.

Digital Certifications are Easy to Share and Create

Digital certifications are much more effective, even though they might not have the same sentimental value as paper certifications that hang recognizable on your wall. During current times of digital networking, paper certifications are not very useful for making connections. If your certification is in digital form, it is easy to present while having a meeting online. In addition, instead of carrying different cards and extra weight around in your wallet, most people always have their phone with them, where the digital certifications are easily reachable.

What is more, going digital offers your customers and employees a way to choose the format of their certification as well. Some might prefer to login to a database where all the certificates are available to share and download, while some might like to receive the certifications as a PDF-file, or another chosen format.

Digital Certifications Save Time and increase Team Motivation

Imagine a situation where you have 100 paper certifications to print out and write manually by hand. How many people would this process need? How many hours or days would it take to complete?

Now imagine you have one digital database, where you can easily access all the vital information, process this information and send the results and certifications to the person in question as soon as they are ready. The digital process will leave more time and effort for your employees to concentrate on content creation and the urgent work tasks that need more attention. This also increases the motivation and loyalty of your employees, as the work is less stressful and more effective!

Digital Certifications Save Money

Another benefit of digital certifications is the cost saved. In addition to the money you spend on labour while producing paper certifications, you also need to pay for the paper stock, ink and postage if you cannot give the certificates in person.  

Digital Certifications Save Nature

Digital certification process is 100% paper free. Going digital by using email, electronic filing and scanning increases productivity and helps the environment at the same time. It is an easy and effective way to save nature and it also helps companies to accomplish many goals by saving time and money.

CertyHub is the Expert in Digital Certifications in Finland

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