We are proud to announce that SwanIT will change its brand name and corporate identity of the Certification Services to CertyHub.

By moving from SwanIT to CertyHub, we want to be able to offer more information about certifications and the whole process, such as the different types of certifications available, the benefits of getting yourself or your employees certified as well as providing more information about the test locations and times. Additionally, the purpose behind the change is to increase the profile of the operators behind the certification processes. We believe that the new identity enables CertyHub to satisfy the increased domestic demand while simultaneously moving the brand forward and towards the international marketplace.

The change will not involve any modifications to the operations or personnel inside SwanIT company. The new identity and brand name are designed to reflect the operations, testing and information authentication of the certification services. The change underlines the strong presence of CertyHub in the Nordics and the access to more and more information around CertyHub certification services.