ServiceNow’s cloud-based platform and solutions deliver digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity. Getting ServiceNow certified means gaining industry recognition, competitive differentiation, greater productivity, and increased user community satisfaction. 

Which ServiceNow Certifications can I take with CertyHub? 

ServiceNow’s Certification Program offers three certification types: micro-certifications, Mainline certifications, and certifications in Expert Programs. CertyHub offers Mainline certifications through Kryterion’s online booking system, Webassessor. 

Mainline Certifications prove your technical knowledge and skills utilizing the Now Platform. Mainline Certification exams are continuously updated and match the latest ServiceNow release. 

System Administrator Certification is the most sought-after certification out of all the ServiceNow certifications. ServiceNow recommends that you take this exam first, before taking any other ServiceNow certifications exams. 

As a Certified System Administrator, you’ll have the skills and essential knowledge to contribute to the configuration, implementation, and maintenance of the Now Platform. 

For this exam is recommended to have industry experience with database concepts and system management as well as three to six months of experience using and/or maintaining a ServiceNow instance. 

Certified Application Developers have the skills and knowledge to create ServiceNow applications that solve real business problems. 

For the Application Developer Certification exam is recommended to have six months of hands-on experience developing applications in ServiceNow and general familiarity with industry terminology, acronyms, and initialisms. 

Application Specialist – Performance Analytics Certification exam assesses your skills and essential knowledge to perform the configuration, implementation, and maintenance of a ServiceNow Performance Analytics solution. 

To successfully take this exam it is recommended to have six months of field experience participating in ServiceNow Performance Analytics implementation projects deploying out-of-the-box content as well as building custom reports and Performance Analytics objects such as KPIs, widgets, dashboards, and collection jobs. General familiarity with industry terminology, acronyms, and initialisms helps as well. 

Certified Implementation Specialists configure, implement, and maintain a selected ServiceNow solution to meet business requirements. There are various categories of the Implementation Specialist certifications: 


CIS – Application Portfolio Management
CIS – Cloud Provisioning and Governance
CIS – Hardware Asset Management
CIS – Discovery
CIS – Event Management
CIS – IT Service Management
CIS – Project Portfolio Management
CIS – Service Mapping
CIS – Service Provider
CIS – Software Asset Management 

Customer service 

CIS – Customer Service Management 
CIS – Field Service Management 


CIS – Human Resources  


CIS – Risk and Compliance
CIS – Vulnerability Response
CIS – Security Incident Response
CIS – Vendor Risk Management 

Take a look at ServiceNow’s guide to the certification journey for more specific details about the different Implementation Specialist certification exams.  

How to book a ServiceNow certification?   

Booking ServiceNow certifications is possible on Kryterion’s online booking system, Webassessor.

Please note that ServiceNow’s exam blackout period is between the 21st of April and the 4th of May 2022. During this time, ServiceNow’s team is making the transition from the older version of the exams to the newest release. You will be unable to view the exam catalog, register, or complete a Mainline Exam.  

If you want to know more about our booking, contact us through email:   

More about ServiceNow 

Read more about the certifications and recommended qualifications from the ServiceNow website.