Getting your team certified is a great way to enhance the skills and job performance of your colleagues and show company’s competence to customers and partners. As the Nordic leader in certifications, we want to ensure a proficient and secure service for our customers through the entire process. The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed how society works as businesses and their employees adapt to more mobile and remote working. As people are working more from home, the importance of security in communication flow and data transmission increases. This also makes us in CertyHub to reconsider our online payment methods to ensure our customers’ financial security.

We offer a safe and secure way to get certified with CertyHub provided booking voucher. The voucher works as a gift card and is valid in most cases throughout the year. Thus, it can be used whenever it is the right time for your or your organization. Simply order the vouchers online and we send them to your company together with an invoice. For companies in need of making several certifications per year, we recommend buying more in one go. Getting a bigger number of vouchers at one time will most likely become cheaper and more cost-effective.

More security – Less Credit risks

After buying the vouchers online, we will send you an invoice. All the invoices are managed by CertyHub, a trusted Finnish company. The Vouchers are valid worldwide and can be used through our partners and certification providers around the world. Hence, if you are travelling for business abroad and need to get certified on the spot, you can easily use the voucher. Most of the vouchers are also valid also for online exams so if you need with to take an the exam at your home, that works as well.

Every voucher has a unique number code that you can easily enter while making the booking. When you use the code there is no need to enter any added payment details. Therefore, you can easily book and pay for the test online with purchased voucher without having to think about entering any confidential credit information. This increases security, minimises credit risks and makes the booking process smooth.

Microsoft Bundle – More in One

With Microsoft Bundle deal you get more in one. The Bundle voucher includes three tests in one package: a practice test and the first and second try. This means that before taking the ‘real’ test, you have a chance to practice your skills. In addition, if you do not pass the test for the first time, you still have a second chance of getting certified. This makes the certification process smoother and gives you and your colleagues a bigger chance of getting certified. In addition, the process becomes much more cost effective as you do not need to use one voucher after another if you happen to fail the test.

Getting you or your employees certified increases the recognition of the skill in global markets. As more and more people need to get certified, we at CertyHub want to help businesses to reach these goals. Therefore, if you buy more than one bundle deals, the price goes lower as well: One Microsoft Bundle voucher costs 260e, but if you buy 10 Bundle vouchers, the price drops to 2530e each. Similarly, you can get 50 Bundle deals for 240e each, while getting 100 vouchers for 230e per voucher. As the value for one single Microsoft certification voucher at CertyHub costs 250e, CertyHub’s Microsoft Bundle deal is certainly worth considering!

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