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CertyHub monitors Pearson VUE IT-tests online. Book an exam remotely and take the test securely at home or at your office.

Some of the CertyHub provided certifications are now available to test online. Our team will be monitoring the tests the entire time through a webcam and microphone connection and ready to help you with any technical issues during the exam.

  • Book the test from the button below.
  • If you need any assistance with the booking, we can make it for you, even if you decide to take it remotely. Please contact bookings@certyhub.com or call our customer service +358 600 411 132 (0,99€/min + local network charges).

  • You can also pay with a voucher. Read more about our online vouchers here.

If you need help to prepare the test environment, please call our customer service +358 600 411 132 (0,99€/min + local network charges)

Read more about online tests and the process from Pearson Vue’s website.

Before the test

  • Check your test equipment. Make sure that your computer, webcam and microphone are fully functioning and your Internet connection is running smoothly.
  • Run a system check: Make sure your computer is ready for the exam.
  • Identity Check: Use your webcamera to take a selfie and add together with a photo of your ID.
  • Clear the exam area: Clear your workspace from any notes or materials and make sure that the room is free from any extra noise or distractions.
  • Close all the open applications: Make sure your exam will be the only remaining window open on your computer.

During the test

  • Follow the rules of the exam and avoid any unnecessary movements, that might violate the examination.
  • Make sure you are alone in your exam room. No one can enter the room during your online exam.
  • You are not permitted to leave the workspace, unless you have a scheduled break.
  • If you need any assistance, please follow the instructions of the inspector.

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