Every year millions of people around the world seek new qualifications, skills and career opportunities through licensing and certification. Getting yourself or your employees certified can be a burdensome and time-consuming process. Therefore, it is important to us to make this process as effortless as possible for our customers. Our service minded test administrators take good care of all the candidates and ensure that the whole certification process runs smoothly. Keep reading and see how easy it is with CertyHub!

Before the test

Preparation is the key to success. Before taking the test, check the available test times and sign up on the test operator’s online booking system. After you have booked and paid through the booking system, you no longer need to sign up for CertyHub separately. Alternatively, if you do not have time to make the booking or need the appointment already for the next day, call us and we will make the test booking for you. If you are booking a test for a group or if you need any help with the booking process, please inform us by email. bookings@certyhub.com.

Arrive on time and give yourself at least 30 minutes for preparation before the test starts. Remember to bring a valid photo ID with you as well as one other valid card with your name and signature on it, for example a credit card. This will help the identification process to run smoothly. It is also good to read all the guidelines and rules given by the test operator, as they might vary between different test providers. In case you are running late, you can easily let us know by phone +358 30 660 6120.

During the test

We all know that taking a test can be intimidating and it feels good to be surrounded by your loved ones in these kinds of situations. Unfortunately, Pearson VUE rule states that family members or friends of the candidate may not be at the test centre during the test. However, there are many restaurants around the test centres where they are most welcome to wait during your appointment.

Break times are determined by each test operator and mostly not included in the test time. Additionally, please be aware that it is forbidden to leave the test centre or visit your locker during the test time.

After the test

Can’t wait to find out if you passed your test and got certified? The good news is that some of the test results can be obtained immediately, while you will receive the more detailed official results by email later. However, with some of the results you might need to wait for up to one month for them to arrive.

Need more information? Please send us email to info@certyhub.com