CertyHub’s certification services play a big role in the Finnish society and educational system. CertyHub is the only operator in Finland who provides GMAT and PTE-A exams needed to apply to Universities and Higher Education Programs. This is one reason why the company has been able to stay operational and keep its doors open for public, despite of the restrictions caused by Covid-19. In addition, internationally recognised and required IT-certifications can be taken at our premises.

In order to stay open, operate safely and provide virus free certification spaces, CertyHub has increased its safety measures. Reducing Covid-19 exposure by proper guidelines, disinfection and cleaning will help you to get certified safely. This is how it is done!

Virus free air

CertyHub has installed a number of Genano air purifiers inside the test centres. These devices eliminate and sanitize 99,99% of all pollutants, allergens, and toxins indoors. Air purifiers also help to reduce airborne contaminants like viruses inside buildings or office spaces.

When used along with other best practices that are recommended, including mask wearing and social distancing, they can be particularly helpful in order to reduce the potential for airborne transmission of the Covid-19 indoors.

Virus free premises in action

CertyHub has carefully designed a safe test centre layout in order to prevent the spread of the virus and droplet infection. CertyHub’s virus free process includes social distancing, safe passages and other safe measurements.

Firstly, all passages inside the test centre such as the ways to registration and test rooms are clearly marked on the floors. Secondly, social distancing is strictly maintained before, during and after the tests, inside and outside the test rooms and areas. Thirdly, wearing a mask is mandatory and concerns everyone inside the test centre. In addition, all the members of CertyHub team also wear a plastic face shield or a mask and maintain safe practices, such as frequent handwashing.

Virus free surfaces

CertyHub has detailed instructions for cleaning and disinfecting its facilities and test centres. Especially test taker devices and high touch surfaces, such as keyboards, admission devices and doorknobs that people tend to touch the most, are cleaned and disinfected after each test taker. In addition, CertyHub teams makes sure that hand sanitizer is available in all of the rooms inside test facilities.

The new safety procedures include cleaning and disinfecting the test areas and workspaces throughout the day. All of the surfaces, clean or dirty, are cleaned first with soap and then disinfected wearing disposable gloves. Cleaning with water and soap reduces the number of impurities and germs while disinfecting takes care of the rest and further reduces any risk of spreading infection and the virus.

To maintain a healthy and safe test environment, also critical touch points such as computers and other devices, keyboards and mice in the test areas are cleaned and disinfected after every use.

With CertyHub it is safe!

Getting yourself or your team certified can feel like a difficult process, especially during these challenging times when avoiding social contacts and public spaces is highly recommended. We want to make sure, that you feel comfortable when you enter our premises. We are taking extra safety measures to make sure, that you can get safely certified with us!